International returns

I would like to return an item - I am from a country OUTSIDE of Spain, please keep reading:

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I am from a country OUTSIDE of Spain:paso3

Please follow the below instructions and read also the bottom of the page as some information over there could be quite helpful for you, thanks.





1. Contact us.

- Please let us know your return intentions within 30 days.

- Contact in any of the 4 possible ways provided below:

- We just simply need your order number,

but don't worry if you can't find it.... in that case just tell us

the name of the person who did the purchase and we

will also find it fast.





   2. Print the return label.

   - Please print the return label we've provided you by email.

   - Place it on the exterior of the package.

   - Don't place any label or sticker on the original box of

   the product or on the original protection plastics that the

   item may have come with.

   - That will devaluate the item and we won't be able to

   proceed with a full refund, please think that if you do

   this we can't sell the item to other customer and he/she

   will want a brand new item like you did.





   3. Prepare the item.

   - Please prepare the item with it's tags, labels, original plastic sleeves,

   original box and/or any accesories that may have come with the item in

   order to keep it's product value.

   - To proceed with the refund the item must be in perfect new condition,

   never been worn and never been washed.

   - Just in the rare case there is a faulty item from the factory don't worry

   about it, you can send it back even it has been used

   (within the regular guarantee terms).

   - Very important: We want to thank you for the item preparation just

   as explained, highly appreciated. It is also very important to place

   the item inside of a delivery bag for small items and inside of a box

   for larger items like a pair of shoes,

   (you can use the one that came with  your oder in the first place if it is

   on sufficient condition to do the job).

   Thanks a lot!! 












4. Deliver it to the post office.

- Please go to your nearest post office and hand it over,

ask for a receipe of your delivery. And...that's it!!

You don't have to do nothing else except to wait

for a few days for your money to come back to

your wallet.






   5. Receive your refund.

   Receive your refund within 7 days upon item arrival.

   The refund will be made in the same way you paid your item,     

   paypal, credit card, bank transfer.

   1, 2, 3, 4 and 5...have you seen how easy it is? no cost at all

   for you, no boring fill in forms, we do all we can to make the

   buying and return experience at Lemonurban the easiest we can.




You have 30 days period to let us know your return intentions upon item arrival:

You have 30 days period to solicitate the return and no "questions asked".

I'll like to change size/model:

Unfortunately we can't do replacements outside of Spain  so you must place the return and then proceed just with a new order of the desired product. Let us know what you want to change and we will provide mesures and all help needed to ensure you are fully satisfied.

Can I send it back to Lemonurban on my own?:

You can send the returned item/s back by your own if you want to but we won't recommend it and this is why...We offer FREE worldwide returns...what's else to say? That been said you can of course place the return but be aware of one thing, if you send it by your own the package must be traceable with a valid tracking number and we ask you to provide us with that number.

Be aware that without tracking number we are not able to verify the delivery of your return at our facilities, therefore if no delivery proof could be validated we won't be able to proceed with the refund.