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You have 30 days period to let us know your return intentions upon item arrival:

You have 30 days period to solicitate the return and no "questions asked".

I'll like to change size/model:

Unfortunately we can't do replacements on the UK so you must place the return and then place just a new order of the desire product. Let us know what you want to change and we will provide mesures and all help needed to ensure you are fully satisfied.

Can I send it back to Lemonurban on my own?:

You can send the return back by your own if you want to but we won't recommend it. We offer free return on the UK due our relations with Global couriers so we won't take responsibility on charges by other companies, still as said, if you do it by your own and you take the charges for those services, you are allow to do it.

There is only one request, if you send it by your own the package must be traceable with a valid tracking number and we ask you to provide us with that number.

Be aware that without tracking number we are not able to verify the delivery of your return at our facilities, therefore if no delivery proof could be validated we won't be able to proceed with the refund.